Opening Day 2009
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Here are several pictures I took of the opening session of the House of Representatives January 6, 2009.

This was the first time in 107 years that the House opened in the Old Capitol.


Rep. Wanda Jennings looking from balcony

The Associate Pastor of Galloway Methodist Church opens session.  Galloway, we were told, was the only permanent church in the city at the time.  I was surprised to learn only 900 people lived in Jackson in 1839 when the Old Capitol opened.


Color Guard

  Rep. Bryant Clark leads in Pledge

Standing for pledge

A look at the room

A look at the decor

The Podium

Rules Committee Chairman gives a history of the Capitol which included the history of dueling in the early days of the territory and state.   Cindy Gardner of the Archives and History Staff displays the pistols.

Jefferson Davis's dueling pistols.  Captured by the Yankees, returned to the family, sold to a collector, and finally purchased by the Capitol Museum in the 1970's I believe




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